The building blocks working together. First part: “networking”

Photo by Ingridi Alves Photograph on Unsplash

What I want to share here, are my very personal reflections on the smallest ‘pebbles’ any agile collaboration is based on. Furthermore, being connected to others is THE stress reducer #1. So please, consider this when staying at home during these times of the pandemic.

Part I — Ouverture

I am working as an Agile Coach and Scrum Master, mostly with teams learning how to deliver products using Scrum or Kanban as their frameworks to work together. In a podcast done lately, we borrowed the term “rudiments” from a…

or personally traveling all continents by staying at home in COVID-19

Foto by Nicola Nuttall on Unsplash

What I want to share here, is my very personal journey around the globe and what I‘ve learned by traveling this way.

The Context

When the COVID-19 situation started to become my personal experience in late February, I returned to Germany from a business trip to Italy. Between Milan and Bergamo I’ve at that time coached a team of colleagues who wanted to learn about ways of collaboration in agile ways.

Well, we’re not able to finish that as our personal lockdown began, you might imagine. So, there I was, asked to stay at home in…

A Wittler

I’m working as an freelancing Agile Coach, have done priorly some consulting in Health Care and worked long years in Banking. Following my interests mainly.

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